While we strive to recruit and keep the best experienced hands in the industry, at Smiles Health Care we also provide encourage our staff to keep up with the required standard through training and refresher courses delivered by qualified , experienced and accredited trainers.

Smiles Health Care provide robust training and development program for new entrants into the care and nursing industry as well as training for existing staff to have the opportunity to fulfill their own personal potential and in turn benefit the people who use our service by having a highly trained and motivated team looking after them.


Smiles Health Care training services is targeted at  both

1. Individuals : That is Nurses / Care workers that want to proceed on training and development program to improve themselves on a personal note hence enhance their skills while also improving their earning potentials.

2. Corporate: We provide cost-effective, quality training that is specifically designed to meet organisation needs. We provide onsite courses/workshops on request. We can develop courses according to your needs; we can highlight identified learning opportunities and high priority areas, build in policy requirements and deliver the information to staff at a time to suit your organisation.


1. Classroom Based.

2. Online/Web Based.

3.On Site.


We issue certificates at the end of our training and development program.